Chasing Likes

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Commitment. Oh boy, and where is this post headed? It’s heading down the path of commitment where the risks might not be too intense but what comes of it is what is yet to be seen.


At the end of April I started a 100 Day Project based on halftones in design. I have been posting 1 piece of this project every day since I started and the conclusion of this venture will be in August. I had all sorts of ideas on how this would benefit me and the Smarty Design Co and while I am unsure of the impact, I can tell you what I have seen thus far.


Halftones are those little dots or lines in print that make up an image. Newsprint is a great example of how halftones are used. Black ink and dots of different sizes that give an image depth and while it looks greyscale, it’s the various sizes of each circle that gives the effect. This effect has been manipulated over time to give off different effects and moods which is something I have grown quite fond of.


My project is being distributed through Instagram, Tumblr, and I have created a page on my website (titled “Halftone Project”) that I am updating daily for those who do not use social media. I never wanted to have something of mine go viral nor is the idea important to me. I do not find value in that. However, there is that satisfaction when people like my work. Now, there are the likers that will heart any thing, some folks just scroll through, and then there’s a core of supportive followers. I think that the core of this 100 Day Project isn’t about the likes but how emotionally driven each post is. Creating content of the sake of the commitment may lead to an unfulfilling 100 days.


I have learned how increasingly important time is. Time I set aside to do this, to research, but most importantly the time people spend to even look at what the Smarty Design Co is doing. That being said, most of my followers aren’t liking everything I have posted which validates another part of the project. It doesn’t take much effort to tap a heart button, right? But not tapping means I am not drawing the emotion that I had hoped for. I love this stuff! What a great way to learn and grow.


A lesson I have learned is that chasing the likes isn’t a good use of my time nor is comparing myself to others in my respective field. I went down this path to challenge myself and put forth design that is experimental yet meaningful. If people interact with it along the way then I can celebrate the victories. If I gain followers, great! Regardless it’s about the journey.


A message to the core group; I am humbled that you care enough to look for my posts. That’s exciting. I always say this but I am flattered anytime that anyone looks at my work or wants to work with me. They could’ve picked anyone. So if someone interacts with something I am creating, you’ve got my full attention.


For those who are checking out my work for the first time, THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my body of work or project at any level. There’s millions of options when you get on your device and for the seconds you take to look at what I am doing is beyond the many thanks I could pour out.