Why Hire Me?

  • If you are a startup and are looking for a competitive and visual edge.

  • You have surveyed your competition and realized it’s time to up your strategy.

  • You are looking to increase sales.

  • Your company is ready to challenge your respective industry.

  • You need someone that understands your goals.

What Clients are Saying

In our business environment, timing is critical. The Smarty Design Co (Jason) has always delivered quality work and has been highly reactive in the times that we needed them the most. From the creativity and execution to the quality and service, The Smarty Design Co stands above any other organization that I’ve interacted with.
— Matt Boileau, President, OnCall Management Systems
Graphic designers are NOT created equal, so I wanted to send a a big thanks to Jason Smart. His company created not only our awesome logo but ads that has been running in both AIN Alerts and AMT e-news this month! We have gotten a lot of traffic from it - he’s pretty great at what he does. 👌🏻
— Lindsay Nixon, Co-Founder, President at


I am an independent graphic designer residing in Michigan with my wife and two children. I have worked with clients in 10 States and continue to build relationships locally and abroad. You will find that I have a passion for education and have spent time speaking to high school and college classes about graphic design and freelance.

I Have a Blog

And it’s call Smarty Stuff. I began sharing stories of my time in the working world through success, pain, and misery. Sounds enlightening, right? If you can take something from it, great! You can subscribe and get updates.